Increase Your Odds Of Winning At These Three Casino Games

Would you like to increase you odds of winning at the casino? Who wouldn’t? Whether you play at an online casino or you take the old-fashioned approach and travel to a live casino, the following information will greatly increase your chances for wining at poker, blackjack, and slots.


The first thing you need to do is estimate your bankroll. For simplicity purposes, we’ll say that your bankroll is $1,000. If that’s the case, you want to have $400 available for your next poker session. Many players will disagree with this and say this is too much money. But the most populated poker tables are 1/2 tables, which means $1/$2. Since these are the most populated tables, they’re also the tables that are going to draw the most fish. And the fish are who you want to feed on. The reason you’re brining $400 instead of $200 is so you will be able to play at the top of your game. If you only bring $200, you’re going to play timid and you will not trust your reads. If you get felted with the first $200, you will still have an opportunity for a good session with your second buy-in.

Once you have found the right 1/2 table to sit at, it’s important to decide which image you want to portray. If the other players don’t know you, it’s wise to act as though you don’t completely understand the game. This guarantees that other players will underestimate and go after you. However, it will be a trap. If another player senses you’re weak, they will attempt large bluffs at you. Let them throw as much money as they want into the pot. Once you make a good hand, it will all be yours. Keep this charade up as long as you can. It often leads to large profits. If the other players do know you, take the opposite approach and portray a strong table image. When you establish respect at the poker table, you’re going to scare people out of pots, which leads to a lot of easy money.



Players, who like the thrill of gambling, but wish to enjoy an intellectual game, which puts to test their skill in addition to luck; favor money backgammon online. Backgammon online is available 24/7 in numerous matches and backgammon tournaments, in which the winner is always one of the players.



This is one of the best house games to play because you can knock the house edge down to less than 2%. This is also a game of streaks, so it’s important to get up and leave when you’re ahead. In order to increase your odds of a hot streak, you must play Basic Strategy. This system was designed for the player, not the house. You can find a Basic Strategy card in any casino or online. Memorizing the card is relatively easy and fun.

Before you select a table to sit at, watch the other players. If they’re playing incorrectly, do not choose this table. In the long run, whether their poor play is helping or hurting you will even out, but it’s still likely to get under your skin, which can lead to errors. You want to sit at a table where you feel 100% comfortable, which will allow you to play at your best at all times.

The key to winning in blackjack is winning your double-downs. The only thing you can do in order to increase your odds of winning more double-downs is to follow Basic Strategy. The rest is up to Lady Luck.

Note: If you’re playing at a live casino with a 1 or 2-deck shoe, consider counting cards. This will put the edge in your favor. Just be sure to keep a low profile and get out before you get too hot. Otherwise, casino employees will want to have a ‘talk’ with you and you will be placed on a banned list.


Slots offer the worst odds in the house. The house edge is 17%. So why are slots on this list? Because even though slots offer horrendous odds, they offer horrendous odds for a reason – the payouts are enormous. If you really dream of getting rich at a casino, you need to play the slots. In order to increase your odds of success, look for the progressive slots. These pay the most money. From there, keep an eye on as many slots as you can. If another player has failed for hours and leaves, that’s the slot you want. Progressive slots work on a counter. The more failure you see, the closer that machine is to hitting a jackpot.